• Shopping for Playlist!

    Today we all really needed to go shopping for new outfits for Playlist this weekend. We did not have much time as we were just in Atlanta for Emma’s cheer competition! When we came home she had practice and that didn’t leave much time. We al frustrating as it was no one really found anything so it has completely stressed…

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  • Travel Vlog!

    We are finally heading back home from Emma Cheer Sport competition and we all can’t wait to be sleeping in our own rooms. Emma talks about being a Girl Scout… Read More

  • Life is Full of Ups and Downs!

    SEPTEMBER 27TH 2018 What can I say about Mark’s Jeep? Well he worked four long days for about 10 hours a day trying to get his modifications don’t that he… Read More

  • Life Lessons Learned

    SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 Emma got caught up in her school work finally and is actually done for the week so she now has Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week off… Read More

  • Heritage Village Experience

    We spent an amazing Saturday at Heritage Village – “Experience Pinellas County History!” Visit the 21-acre living history museum located in the heart of Pinellas County. The natural pine and… Read More

  • Whitewater rafting was defiantly something outside of our comfort zone

    Sometimes we get lucky enough to go on amazing adventures like this one! This trip was sponsored and it was the best time our family had had in awhile. You… Read More

  • Target no limit no budget challenge

    Sometimes you will find that we like to do funny or gross challenges on our channel too! This one is not gross and I am pretty sure it is one… Read More