Hi everyone! Welcome to our Blog! We are the DeLucio family and most of you know us from Emma and Ellie!


All families have stories and ours starts 12 years ago when we met working together in real estate. I knew we would get married and knew he was finally the one! Now many years later we have two kids and two dogs and the best life you could ever ask for! One day 3 years ago we decided to start a YouTube channel (we had dreams) after many many hard days and nights we succeeded by creating a positive YouTube channel called Emma and Ellie! It has been a crazy journey for sure. We have learned, grown, and sacrificed many things to make this work. Fast forward to today, we are thrilled to be starting this blog! We realized that we could offer our viewers a more in depth look into our lives. We will be sharing behind the scenes look at our family! Things you may already know about us and things you may not know about us! We love this opportunity to share our passions and thoughts with you. We hope our blog will inspire you, fuel you, and push you to be the best YOU that you can be! We will share our travel tips, family tips, and how to become a successful Youtube, blogger, and entrepreneur! We will talk about hard topics as well! Teenagers and the struggles! Hard life lessons! Most importantly how to remain a family though all the negative things in the world.


Want to know each of us better….

Heather DeLucio

As many may know I am a mom first and foremost! You will find me cleaning, organizing, or planning our next adventure. I am the backbone to the whole family! I am the one that keeps it all together when things are falling apart. I love animals and really want more dogs but Mark is always my straight to the point reality checker that will remind me we don’t really NEED another dog. LOL! I absolutely love vacation! I have always believed that material things are not what our kids will remember they will remember the memories you have created. I always thought I would be a veterinarian! I wanted to be a vet should I could spend everyday with the animals I love. However things just didn’t head that way. I love to talk just love it! You can ask anyone that knows me I will talk your ear off! LOL! I never have a problem meeting people I just walk over and start talking! You will never find me quiet in a room! With that said this is what lead me here! Sharing a blog where I can just talk and talk and talk to you! This is be the best journey for us and our family and we can’t wait to see where is goes! So welcome from Heather now this is a place of good and positive things! I am already writing this and thinking of my next post and what I am going to share next time!

Mark DeLucio 

What you need to know about Mark is well he doesn’t seem to talk much LOL! He always says I talk enough for the both of us! Mark is a great father to our two beautiful girls and he loves them dearly duh that’s why I married him. He is always making sure we are safe and that there is no one trying to cause problems for us. Mark grew up in the country and has a love of being outdoors. Mark is the most caring person if your lucky enough to have him let you in. You can find him running our merchandise store, ordering the items and stocking it. When you order our merch he will be shipping it out to you. Mark also works on our brand deals with me which is always a lot of work! So it is great to have two people handling these things. We work great as a team which is always good when that happens. When he is not helping out with the family business you can find him tinkering around on his Jeep! He loves to add things which he calls Mods and we always say Jeeps are like lego’s you can add and add things to them as long as your willing to fork over the money. He hasn’t always been a huge part in the video per say however he will be a visual part in the future. Mark loves to plan the next Big adventure for us because I secretly think he likes to see us all having a great time together as a family!


Emma Marie

 Where do I begin with Emma! She is a amazing at everything she does! 14 years ago she was born as an emergency c-section and took our world by storm. She was fiery when she came into this world so we knew she was going to be fiery in life! Her passion for fashion and interior design is fabulous! Emma is a teenager needing that push every now and then but when she gets that push watch out world she could take it over! Her ambitions of succeeding in everything she does can sometimes be a fault of hers. She works hard in anything she does. Emma has been doing all star cheerleading for 8 years and came so far in those years. Hard work and dedication has gotten her far. Emma is a great big sister and the love they have for each other may not always shine through but we are human and will always strive to get better at those things. Emma loves to play her ukulele and learn new things. Travel is one of her passions as well and hopes someday to make a career of traveling being a interior designer. Emma is our Instagram expert and is always a part of our ideas on what to post. Emma also has her own channel called Emma Marie’s World and is so close to hitting 1 million subscribers as well! She films and edits her own videos! She may not always stay on schedule but in the end she gets it done when she needs too!


Ellie Ana 

 Ellie is my feisty 9 year old! She is our try all kid. She has been trying all sports and trying to find her go to. Ellie loves fashion everything has to match and go together and accessories are her go to! Purses, necklaces, and even sunglasses are one of her all time favorites. Ellie is our type A personality and we know when she gets older she will do amazing things. She defiantly loves to be in charge. When we travel or do new things she will not hesitate to give her real thoughts on her experience so she is a great go to for us on working on reviews. Ellie looks up to her sister in many ways. She has so much love to give friends and when she is friends with people she is in it for all the hard work.


We are so happy to be sharing our lives with you 1 video at a time and now 1 blog at a time! We are a Florida family living the dream and sharing our family adventures and our life one day at a time! We always have the best time and will keep you wanting more with every new post! We always say that making memories is what matters so why not make them with you!

We’re all in this together!

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