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Cleaning/ Declutter/ Organizing my closet and garage today! Closet tour!

We are trying to so hard to get the house done!

We know everyone wants a house tour very soon but it is taking a lot longer to get the house finished than planned. Remodeling is hard work that is for sure! We are still working on Ellie’s Bedroom and trying to get all of her stuff put away and basically a home for all of her stuff! Ellie loves to keep things and save them because she says you never know when you might just need it or might just want to play with it LOL!

Ellie is defiantly like her father when it comes to collecting things because I on the other hand just say throw it away!

She loves to keep old school papers and journals that she mad at school. Do your kids like to keep stuff like that? She loves to collect stuff animals as well and really never wants to part from them. It takes lots of work to have her go through them and part with some. I am sure there are parents that can relate with what I am saying! 
I purchased these three drawer storage containers at Target and let me just say they are live savers for closets that don’t have organizers built in them. They are great for hiding unwanted things HaHa! They are very inexpensive which makes it a plus for me. I am always looking for cheep storage solutions. 

We still have a long way to go before we are done with her room.

Ellie hasn’t had a room makeover in years and this time I am trying to take the baby like items and decor and making her room feel preteen feeling because she does turn 10 and I remember when Emma turned 10 all of a sudden things were for babies and she wanted her space to feel more mature. So making Ellie’s room preteen now will just save me money in the long run! Watch the video below and you will see just how much work goes into bedroom makeovers!


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