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Two years ago we all decided to move to Florida!

We talked about it so many times and all of us thought it would be so cool to actually live in Florida! We at the end of 2017 we thought it would be a great way to bring in the new year by moving and be there by January 1st 2018! So guess what we did it and it has been a rough start since we moved. Here is how our journey began……………………….

Things just were not falling into place for us we had picked out 7 homes just in case and non of them worked out.

So Mark and I had to fly back to Florida to pick out more houses! We found some more and began the process of sending in offers well those didn’t work out either. At this point we did not have a house in Indiana anymore so we had to go somewhere. Our realtor find us a house via FaceTime. We from what we could tell liked it so we said what the heck let’s try. Well that house worked and boom we finally had a house that of course we had never seen LOL! So with that said we headed down to Florida and moved in. Now we knew nothing about schools we knew nothing about what areas to live in, we only knew things we learned on vacation in Clearwater. Imagine our surprise after we get settled in and find out that we are in the worst school district that we could have picked. We sent the kids anyways because at this point we had no choice. Ellie did ok at her school even though it is an open pod system which means that in her school there are no walls, no classrooms they areas are divided by bookcases. We thought there is no way Ellie will learn this way but to our surprise she did ok. She told us that you actually get used to the noise. Emma on the other hand well that school had Drugs, fights, and all sorts of chaos going on and the principle was doing nothing about it. So we made it 6 months and had to make the decision to pull her out. That left us with putting them into Private school at IRCS which was a great school but their motto is that it’s a privilege to attend their school not a right! They did not like what we did for our family business and gave us a choice to take some videos down and to never discuss school again on our YouTube channel or get kicked out of school. We tried to avoid them just to finish the year which we only had three weeks left but they called us at the end of the second week and told us to pick up our kids because we had not removed the video. We had no choice than to remove the video and keep the girls in school for the last two weeks. So now that all of that has happened we were all pretty down and sad and not sure if we made the right choice to move to Florida. We were all fighting and arguing and just not getting along so we all thought of taking a break for posting and working on our family as a whole. That is exactly what we did and it was the best week ever and we got so much done during that week. Now I will not say we are perfect from just one week but I will say that is was needed to focus on what was right! We have spent so much time trying to be perfect for our followers. We have tried to avoid the comment bashing by making sure what we share is perfect. We now know that is not the way we want to be on our channel.  There is so much more to come from this family, we lost focus of that but it won’t be happening again!

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