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Heritage Village Experience

We spent an amazing Saturday at Heritage Village – “Experience Pinellas County History!”

Visit the 21-acre living history museum located in the heart of Pinellas County. The natural pine and palmetto landscape features some of Pinellas County’s most historic buildings.

Explore 33 historic attractions, including a variety of historic homes, general store, railroad depot, two schools, church, and more! It was really cool to see all of the history that we weren’t here for. The girls loved washing clothes like they used to in the olden days. They even sat down at the small school desks that we in an old classroom maybe the size of a one car garage! There was even a smoke house

Before grocery stores or reliable refrigeration, rural families preserved or “cured” meat and fish in smoke houses. It was covered with a salt based seasoning and placed in the smoke house where a fire burned at the back. The process took anywhere from a few days to several weeks. A brownish crust covered the meat and fish when finished.

Pretty cool to see it and learn about the history.


They also have a sugar cane mill there where workers rolled the full barrel to the boiling shed and emptied it into a cast iron kettle at the boiling shed. A fire at the back of the boiling shed, tended with a long rake, swirled heat around and under the kettle of syrup making an even temperature. The longer the syrup boiled, the thicker it became. It takes 10 gallons of sugar cane juice to make 1 gallon of syrup.

We even found time to spend alone time as a family. We talked, we laughed, and we even shared some memories of when they were little. The girls had a great time and we would defiantly go back. It was a great day spent as a family. We will cherish these times as both of the girls are getting older and will have busier schedules.

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