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Life is Full of Ups and Downs!


What can I say about Mark’s Jeep? Well he worked four long days for about 10 hours a day trying to get his modifications don’t that he has been waiting on for months. After many back and fourths he finally decided to do this modification. He added some Smitty Built products because he says they are the top pf the line and his motto is if your going to do it do it right the first time LOL! He wants to add a color to accent the Jeep he is thinking Green! What do you think he should use a color? You can leave your comment below and who knows maybe it will be your suggestion he uses. He was thinking green for a long time but just ins’t sure if he will like the look. Mark added fenders and inner fenders and brand new rock slides to step up into the Jeep. Ellie has had some major issues trying to get in and out of the Jeep. We are working on trying to teach her an easier way to get in the Jeep. The other day she slid out of the Jeep for dinner and scrapped her leg. Poor girl! So Mark is very happy with the way it has turned out and can’t wait to put so more modifications on the Jeep. He is already planning on what’s to come! Stay tuned for that.


We wanted to spend some time as a family at the beach.

So we decided to go to the beach and see if we were able to walk the beach and actually enjoy why we moved here. Beyond our belief it was horrible! What we seen was so sad and broke our heart because we have read about the water issues but have stayed away because we didn’t want to get sick.

Here is some back history on where it first started!

Thousands of fish, eels and turtles are dying, sometimes as far as the eye can see, in parts of southwest Florida. Just this week, one of several lifeless manatees was pulled from the water. The suspected culprit is a toxic algae bloom known as “red tide.”

The toxins can also be harmful to humans, causing respiratory illnesses for some beachgoers.The algae and bacteria are usually found in pockets, but this year they’ve mushroomed to stretch over 150 miles. Warmer waters and runoff from lakes and streams can fuel the problem.Two large-scale algae outbreaks in Florida are killing fish and threatening public health. Along the southwest coast, one of the longest-lasting red tide outbreaks in the state’s history is affecting more than 100 miles of beaches. Meanwhile, discharges of polluted fresh water from Lake Okeechobee and polluted local runoff water from the St. Lucie and Caloosahatchee watersheds have caused blooms of blue-green algae in downstream estuaries on both coasts.

Florida is once again under the dual assault of toxic green algae and red tide blooms, both of which result from land-based, human activities. Yet the media, FL marine organizations like MOTE, and government agencies like the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, continue to deny the scientific evidence that humans are both responsible for, and thereby capable of undoing, this environmental disaster.

I know that is a lot to read however Florida is dying and the state needs help! We need to be aware of what we are recycling and also spraying on our lawns. I now this is a very touchy topic to discuss but we are just one family that wanted to spend some time at the beach as a family and we had to leave because our eyes and throats were boring so bad. The worst part about if for me to take in is when they say its all because of humans. It hurts to hear that because if thats true all of are guilty of harming these creatures of the sea and they have no say about it. Anyways on to us at the beach we did take some photos while we were there and there are also some before the water problems. Crazy to see the aftermath! If we can make a difference we will try and so can you!


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  • Maddie

    September 29, 2018 at 1:47 am

    In my opinion, I think the green accents would look really good, and it would compliment the white.

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